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There’s a saying ‘Home is where the heart is.’ This is why you need your home to look beautiful and incredible. Everything begins with a phenomenal exterior design. An expert design position can totally change the look and feel of any property. Regardless of whether it's a little part of a wall that needs to be fixed or doors and door jambs needing some consideration, or whole rooms that need completely redesigning, our painters and decorators will guarantee the work is done to a standard you can be pleased with for a really long time in the future. One of the quickest, best ways of customizing your living space is by color and shading. Bright, muffled, sparkling, stylish, whatever your mood, psyche, or fondness may be, there's a paint tone to coordinate with! Our homes and workplaces mirror our lives — they are places we invest a great deal of our energy and time. They should be soothing and very much oversaw so our personal satisfaction and that individuals working or living with us are comfortable and in peace. It is in this way, important that homes and workplaces are beautifully painted and adorned. Regardless of whether you need a new look for your kitchen, a more dynamic living room, or your children wish to have their bedroom paint be brighter or lighter, our team of painters can change your home's outlook just in a day.

Service Areas
  • Emulsion on walls and ceilings
  • Priming, undercoating, and top coating woodwork
  • Hanging wallpaper and lining paper
  • Stripping wallpaper
  • Painting windows, doors, and frames
  • Stripping paint from wood surfaces
  • Sanding and staining floorboards
  • Patch repairs to damaged walls
  • Plastering and tiling
  • Kitchens
  • Living Rooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Hallway
  • Home Offices
  • Basements
  • Doors
  • Windows
Why Choose Us?
  • We give various cost estimates and work as and when you're comfortable.
  • Our painters and decorators provide services to the whole of Dubai and its encompassing regions.
  • We visit the home/office to assess everything and talk about the necessary things that are to be considered.
  • Our designers will thoroughly listen to your ideas and needs with the goal that you can accomplish all that you have imagined.
  • We have a specialist group of decorators and painters who can deal with a wide range of ventures, regardless of their size and work deftly.
  • We provide clean, efficient and professional painting and decorating service to customers in and around London.
  • We have vast years of experience.

Benefits of hiring professional painters in Dubai by DKTS:

One of the best things that you can do for your house is to paint it as it will promptly change how your home looks and feels. In any case, there are really numerous different advantages of painting your home. We're on a mission to catch your fantasies and upgrade your way of life by adding more color to your living! Painting a house is about something beyond paint. There is a feeling of inner peace to painting and to making a space that mirrors your character, interest, and aspirations. n expert paintwork expects walls to be satisfactorily tidy to guarantee appropriate grip. Furthermore, with another layer of paint, your walls will have another layer of insurance from dampness. Dampness can prompt shape causing more harm to the walls. Another layer of paint can assist seal with trip dampness, diminishing the additional weight that can put weight on your home's structure. Also, with quality paint, it can assist with repulsing all the soil, residue, and allergens, making it simpler to keep your home clean. All homes have blemishes and defects. Walls regularly have scratches, dings, and checks from the utilization of your home over the long run. Having your home's inside painted eliminates those flaws and can make your home look invigorated and clean. If you or your friends and family have hypersensitivities, asthma, or are delicate to synthetic substances, this is an immense advantage and an incredible choice for your home. A new layer of paint likewise downplays dust and different allergens which will further develop your home's air quality significantly more. Contingent upon what shading plan you go with, a different paint tone can assist you with feeling in an unexpected way — peaceful & relaxed (blues and greens), enthusiastic and useful (yellow & orange shades), or even feel great & peaceful (unbiased tones). In case you are experiencing difficulty picking the best color(s) for your home, talk with our expert. Before starting, inside surfaces are being cleaned with a sugar cleanser soap. This will eliminate any oil prior to sanding can begin. Sanding will eliminate any loose or chipping paint just as giving a smooth surface that paint can appropriately cling to. Why picking Dkts could be the best move for your painting project! Our clients depend on us and return to us. We acknowledge that our organization’s esteem and devotion to our customers make us different from others. Our set standards that make us different from others are; professional expertise, quality, on time, on budget and cleaned work area.

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